ince its foundation, and even more so with the new direction taken in 2017, Rigoloccio has always aimed to create its own “style”, to make each bottle highly recognizable. For this reason, grape production per plant barely reaches 800 grams, and production per hectare is around 60 quintals. Top-of-the-range equipment enhances the quality of the grapes, while the winemaking methods guarantee constant temperature control in every phase of vinification. Meticulously hand-picked grapes are first cooled from about 30-35 °C to 12-16 °C, so that no precious aromas are lost.

To this end, the choice of when to harvest is important. It usually begins mid to late August and ends around mid-September depending on the plot and the variety, and not before evaluating the ripeness of the tannins: this creates the right foundation for achieving the fineness and elegance that have always distinguished Rigoloccio wines. After harvest, the grapes are once again sorted for quality and to eliminate any waste. Each cru is then fermented separately, to be blended at the end, according to the conditions of the original vineyard and the personality the winemaker wants to achieve in each wine.