ith a well-balanced component of sand, silt and clay, as well as a high presence of stones and an extraordinary iron richness, the soil of the Rigoloccio estate is by its very nature suited to the cultivation of grapes and especially to the production of great wines. The idea of planting French grapes should not be surprising: the conditions are very similar to those of nearby Bolgheri, less than 40 kilometers away, which first planted French varieties in the Eighties, giving new impetus to the whole sector and raising the quality expectations of the entire Alta Maremma.


Aside from these soil characteristics, the company enjoys excellent exposure. Located 40-100 meters above sea level, the vines benefit from mild sea breezes from the nearby island of Elba and the Gulf of Follonica, as well as constant sunshine. Day/night temperature swings are also remarkable in this area, and essential to the aromas of wine.