People of Rigoloccio

Fabrizio Moltard


His experience in the wine industry is longstanding, deeply rooted in some of the most prestigious companies in Italy, including Marchesi de Frescobaldi and Angelo Gaja, and particularly in Tuscany, where he now works with some select brands. He is recognized for his great professionalism and olfactory sensitivity, his respect for the territory, and ability to know how to give a precise identity to each individual wine.

His name has been linked to Rigoloccio from the very beginning: his imprint is on their Bordeaux blends with a Supertuscan soul, as evidenced by Abundantia, Rigoloccio’s top wine, which took the podium of the National Competition of Italian Merlot many times, receiving the highest title in 2015.

Tamara Meskhi


Tamara Meskhi was born in Moscow, where she attended the prestigious Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts, one of the oldest Russian universities for the industrial, monumental and decorative art and design. Her main works include the tapestries of the Moscow White House, a public building thatserves as the primary office of the government of Russia and is the official workplace of the Russian Prime Minister. The artististcreates abstract paintings with tempera colors and paints fabrics following the batik technique. It is a very ancient form of painting, practiced in Indonesia, Southern India and other regions of Southeast Asia since the Twelfth Century. In the Seventeenth Century it was introduced in Europe and today is much appreciated for the decoration of clothing, but above all of furnishing. For the Rigoloccio Estate, Tamara Meskhi has signed the graphic themes  of the new collection of labels.

Damiano Maurini


Damiano Maurini works at Rigoloccio as oenological and agronomic consultant since 2017. Born in 1977, in 2004 he graduated in Viticulture and Oenology at the University of Perugia. From 2002 to 2005 he held the position of winery manager and vineyard supervisor at the Marchesi Patrizi Montoro Estate in Narni, the city where he was born.

From 2005 to 2012 he was technical director at Quercia dell’Aquilaia in Scansano and Gelso della Valchetta in Rome. The two-year period 2012-2014 saw him technical supervisor at Val delle Rose, the Cecchi company in Maremma.