Olive oil


igoloccio is home to 5 hectares of centuries-old olive trees, grown at the foot of the mountains. Thanks to the attention given to each individual plant, including pruning, soil tillage and everything needed for an excellent harvest, the quality of the olives is always excellent. Harvest is carried out entirely by hand from late October to late November, when the olives begin to ripen, turning from green to black. Every evening, the olives are transferred to the nearby San Luigi di Caldana oil mill, where they are kept in small crates and stored in a dry place so the fruits are not crushed and can be pressed within 24 hours. Pressing is continuous and cold and exclusively by mechanical (non-chemical) means. The resulting oil is high in quality.

Rigoloccio Extra Virgin Olive Oil carries the IGP Toscana designation (Protected Geographical Indication) and features particularly low acidity (less than 0.2). The remaining values, ​​such as polyphenols, tocopherols and number of peroxides, are also well within the limits for IGP Toscana status. After natural decantation, the oil is bottled; it clear, greenish-yellow in color with intense yellow-gold reflections and a distinct olive and grassy scent. The taste is fruity, slightly spicy, and recalls artichokes on the finish. Thanks to these sensory characteristics, Rigoloccio Extra Virgin Olive Oil has always placed in the top positions of regional competitions.

Oro di Rigoloccio


 Oro di Rigoloccio Oil is produced by cold pressing the olives harvested by hand in our estate in Gavorrano, Tuscany, on the Metalliferous Hills framing the Gulf of Follonica. The olive grove, surrounded by our vineyards and by a marvelous Mediterranean scrubland, is composed of century-old plants with a traditional planting layout 12×12.

Variety: Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Muraiolo and Biancolilla

Harvest: the olives, perfectly healthy, were harvested from mid October to early November and ground on the same day at San Luigi di Caldana oil mill, a short distance from Rigoloccio

Color: intense green with golden reflections which, as time goes by, will prevail over green

Scent: Fruity, intense and persistent, with notes of grass and artichoke

Flavor: pleasant, reminiscent of grassy notes perceived by the nose, a marked bitter and spicy note

Acidity: low, amounting to 0.22%

Packaging: 500 ml and 250 ml

Pairing: particularly recommended raw for the pinzimonio (olive oil dip with pepper and salt), to dress salads, chowders and vegetable soups, boiled pulses and the classical Florentine steak. The best choice to cook meat and fish, make a good ragù sauce and fry meat and vegetables